Monday, November 19, 2007

Marketing to Hispanics

Hispanic Marketing

I. Introduction

II. Who is the Hispanic market?

a. Basic demographics

i. Age ranges

ii. Income levels

iii. Different ethnicities among Hispanics

b. Lifestyle and behavioral characteristics

i. Religion

ii. Sports

iii. Family/friend social gatherings

c. Basic needs

i. Purchaser vs. user

ii. Necessities vs. luxuries

III. How to market the Hispanic market?

a. Language- which one do you use? and why?

i. English

ii. Spanish

iii. Portuguese, etc.

b. Setting of marketing strategies

i. Advertisements

ii. Promotions

c. Models used in promotional activities

i. Are they representative of the market?

IV. Benefits of marketing to Hispanics

a. Expanding your market

b. Diversity for your company

c. Purchasing power of Hispanics

i. Spending habits

ii. Population

V. Conclusion

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stephen said...

Tara - I don't see any red flags, but your outline is obviously brief at this point and it's difficult to offer helpful comments. Be sure that your paper has a strong customer insights/experiences perspective throughout. Let me know if you want to talk about it more as you keep writing.